My Favourite Bars – Bach #3

This week, my favourite bars are  1-6 of the Gloria Patri.


This movement opens with all parts finding themselves at the top of a cliff – the Basses are the first to dive off into the blue, and  a wonderful tension is created as everyone gradually swirls their way back up to the top again, to break through the surface and bob about for a bit……then at bar 7 it’s back under again!  It might look something like this:


Sequence 2006 – Richard Serra


When I was a teenager, there was a fair called The Hoppings which came to the Town Moor in Newcastle every Summer.  Now I’m quite a scaredy cat when it comes to fairground rides, but I was once persuaded to go on something which I think was called the Magic Carpet…..essentially an ENORMOUS swing, that after a few (BIG) shimmies from side to side, eventually gathered the momentum to go right over the top.  Quite terrifying, but at the same time, inexplicably comforting.   …did you enjoy that strange pleasure too?




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