My Favourite Bars – Haydn #1

Aah, where to start?!  With so much amazing music to choose from this term, it’s hard to know where to begin!  But we all must begin somewhere, and this week, my favourite bar is bar 127, from the Credo in Haydn’s Nelson Mass.


So what’s that all about?  It’s an empty bar!  ….No,  not the case at all!  It is, in fact,  full of silence.  The soloists have finished their delicate phrase…then there is  a pause for complete silence, before the orchestra tiptoe in just ahead of the choir in bar 128.   Silence can be very difficult to interpret. Looking at it from the outside, all you have to go on is what surrounds it.  But if you are right in the middle of it, everything is completely clear.

My art reference for this is a piece of performance art, and the photograph doesn’t really do it justice, so here is a link to some more information about it.

The artist is present

The Artist is Present (performance)  – Marina Abramovic  2010

It is extremely intimate, yet completely free.  Is there a more beautiful combination?  How do you feel about it?

…now,  I’m sure I heard somewhere…   …quite recently….    …”all great music begins with silence”.


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