My Favourite Bars – Handel bars #2

So, this week my favourite  bars are 4, 5 and 6 of “Since By Man Came Death”.


Looking at the lyrics, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a bit on the gloomy side, but wait! Let’s look at the notes….. Bar 4 sees the beginning of a melody that  tiptoes ever so slowly…ever so softly  upward out of the darkness, through some strange harmonies, until bar 6 where it reaches a melancholy A minor….BUT then the Altos and Tenors provide a slow and elegant pirouette, transforming everything into the most gentle E major chord. It might look something like this:

Paul Klee dance of the mothDance of the Moth – Paul Klee 1923

Apprehension of a moment of change –  loss and  longing, then tender new life.  All in 3 tiny bars!  Why not give them a listen and see if you agree with me?  And if you come along on the 2nd January, you’ll get to hear what happens next, too!



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