Meet…. Ed. Who’s also at the front, somewhat to the right.

This week, it’s my special pleasure to introduce our accompanist, Ed.


Being the rehearsal accompanist means you probably get all the hard work and very little of the glory, so it’s time to state the blinking obvious: without Ed, we’d be very stuffed.

Three cheers for our stalwart pianist!

Name: Ed

Section: Piano accompaniment

Any official choir function? Trying my best to keep it all together, and laughing at some of James’ jokes

Joined in: 2013

Daylight job: At the piano – performing, rehearsing, practicing, or teaching

What do you enjoy most about playing for us? The quality of results we achieve whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

What is the most exciting choral piece you’ve ever accompanied? Britten’s War Requiem certainly has its moments

What’s the hardest choral piece you’ve ever accompanied? Mahler’s Eighth Symphony, because of the extremely difficult piano reduction and number of choral/solo parts to add in

Which choral piece is your guilty pleasure? Anything by Tavener

Do you also play any other instruments and if so, which? I tried the ‘cello and the clarinet when I was younger, and learned the organ for three years. I soon realised I should stick to the piano!

What other music do you enjoy? Hopefully I can learn to appreciate anything good

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing the piano? I love travelling, so exploring new cities and countries

Tea break! What’s your favourite biscuit? No biscuit, just a strong black tea to get me through the second half

What’s your choir super-power? Pretending to play all of the voices in Monteverdi’s Vespers at the same time

Tell us something we don’t know about you.  When I was sixteen I played for and met HM The Queen, but I doubt she remembers!

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