Meet… a Brian (we have more than one)


Name: Brian

Section: Bass

Any official choir function? Erstwhile tea-maker

Joined in: 2011 ish

Daylight job: Small business owner (gardener)

Why did you join a choir? To sing and meet new folk.

What do you enjoy most about singing with us? The singing and meeting of new folk! 🙂 Best of all, I like learning and mastering (after a fashion) the classic repertoire. Performance as such doesn’t give me a huge buzz – I just like the challenge of learning new pieces and learning to sing better. And the second best thing is getting to know some fantastic music that I would never otherwise have come across.

What is the most exciting piece you’ve ever sung? Probably the Grand March in Verdi’s opera Aida. It’s like skiing down a mountain full-pelt on the verge of losing control but not quite!

What’s the hardest piece you’ve ever sung? Probably Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem.

Which piece is your guilty pleasure? I really enjoy a jammy piece, failing which….have been known to wallow in the exceedingly lush Mass in Eb for double choir by Reinberger. Also thoroughly enjoy “Three Craws Sat upon a Wa’” (Scottish Trad.). But for truly decadent melodies and downright debauched rhythms I turn to Fat Boy Slim.

Do you also play an instrument and if so, which? Piano (v badly)

What other music do you enjoy? Most kinds – world music, jazz, folk, rock, pop, country etc etc

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not singing? Spending time outdoors – hiking, biking, kayaking, eating sausages on a stick.

Tea break! What’s your favourite biscuit? Ritter Sport, albeit the choir budget tends not to support such excesses.

What’s your choir super-power? The ability to ignore all extraneous distractions, e.g. the conductor furiously signalling bass entries.

Tell us something we don’t know about you. I’ve got a boil on my….No, no, no. I speak French.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining our choir? Do it. Have fun. Open a door….

If you’d like to join Brian in the bass section – or join any of the other sections, for that matter, why not drop by for our rehearsal tomorrow night at 19.30 in Woodlands Methodist Church?

See you there!


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